So many new books!   Some GREAT design books have been on Pre-Order forever and finally, they have arrived!  They’re HERE!!   The one I was so excited for came yesterday:



I’ve loved Amelia for years and years. 


What’s amazing is that before today – when I looked for this, I had no idea what she even looked like.  She’s that much under the radar.  The design is not about her, her brand, her friends, her luxe lifestyle.  Instead, it’s jsut about her aesthetic – which has been a constant for all these years.  And she looks nothing like I had imagined her to. 

Like I’ve said a million times, design with classic antiques and your interiors will not go out of style.   Never is this more obvious than when looking through her book.  Some of the houses are well known, old friends that we’ve seen before.  But, they look as current today as they were ten years ago and that is saying a lot for Amelia’s talent.

She’s a warm girl – her favorite tones are oranges and shades of it from light to dark.  This color tone runs throughout the book almost in every house, but not quite. Still, she’s not an icy blue kind of girl.  When you look at her, it makes sense – she would look best in a warm room, surrounded by persimmon and apricot – and lots of other fruits!!!  

This is a book to keep for years and years and to look at again and again for inspiration of how to create a quiet, classic, and timeless room – one filled with beauty and quality, to be sure.  It’s a keeper.


This is one of my favorite houses that Handegan has designed.  It was featured a few years ago in Architectural Digest, and it is in her new book.  It’s on a barrier island just 12 miles from Charleston called The Edge of America, and the house is actually owned by Handegan and her partner.  I just LOVE this room!!  Contemporary white sofas with rustic tables and oversized mirrors and dhurris with wicker.  FABULOUS!!


The house is old with a new addition.  The walls here are shiplap.  I love how she used contemporary accent chairs mixed with antiques.  And in 10 years, this will be just as stylish as it is today.


The kitchen is a mix of new and old – I love the rugs she used throughout the house.


The breakfast room is perfect for a beach – something Handegan said she didn’t want to ever forget - that this is after all a beach house.


My favorite photograph from this house showing the guest bedroom with Indian styled bedspreads and fabulous canopies!!!   The striped rug in black and white is wonderful.  The two light fixtures in blue are perfect for this beach house guest room.  I LOVE this!!!!   


Across from the bed is a blue dresser and a contemporary portrait that is just fun.


This guest room is more classic Handegan in her warm taupes and oranges. The Suzani bedspread becomes a wallhanging.

I’m loving the book – and if you are a fan, you will too.

To order the book, click on the picture below.

The next book that is now out is Mark Sikes’ - the hottest social media darling decorator in years.  His book is probably the most anticipated one this year, after Patina Farm, which is just as pretty.


If you are the only human on earth who didn’t order Patina Farm, click on the picture above.  Go ahead – it’s worth it, I promise.

OK, back to Mark Sikes book - it is just as great.  Wow.  One fabulous picture after another.  And, Amazon didn’t go through the book and put a million pictures of it online for free.  Good for them!  Finally!! 


So, I don’t have any great pictures from the book to share – but OMG!!!  It’s to die for!!!    Mark’s decorating is accessible and warm and comfy and yes classic too.  A bright star that is going to shine for a long time.  Get this one!  For sure!  A must have!!!

Click on the picture to order.


Next is Wanderlust – Michelle Nussbaumer’s book, just released. 

Y’all, these books are fabulous!!!  All of them.   I promise.

I’ve been wanting one from Michelle Nussbaumer – Texas’ answer to Windsor Smith and Mary McDonald wrapped into one  – forever and ever. 

There is Michelle’s house in Dallas that over the years has changed while she has added layer upon layer to it.  And there are a lot of her designs for clients included.


And then, there is her Switzerland chalet that I’ve been dying to see!!  It’s here.  If you are a fan of Nussbaumer’s – you will LOVE this!!!!


Order by clicking on the photo above.


This next book is pre-order – but I’ve gotten a copy and have been reading it.  It’s like a text book on design today, filled with essays written by the top designers in the country.  Edited by Carl Dellatore, there are 100 essays.    Here are a few:  Bunny Williams on "Comfort," Victoria Hagan on "Light," Rose Tarlow on "Books," Jeffrey Bilhuber on "America,"  Charlotte Moss on "Couture,"  Kelly Wearstler on "Glamour" and Thomas O’Brien on "Vintage Modern" to name a few!!!   Besides the essays, we get tons of pictures from the designers. 

This will make a good reference book for anyone who is interested in design.   Click on the photo to pre-order:

And then there is Bunny Williams and Gil Shafer’s new book – A House By The Sea.  It’s like An Affair With A House, but this time it is about Bunny and John Rosselli’s beach house.  Of course, it’s fabulous and it’s Bunny.  Of course – you want it!!



Befores and Afters

The double living room.  Love!!


La Colina.

Order by clicking on the photo.


So many fabulous books this week.  Unreal!!!

And finally, there is this one which is near and dear to my heart since I wrote the Forward!!  And the Essay on Slipcovers.  The third Segretto book by Leslie Sinclair.  A lot of you have ordered it and thank you all so much!!!!   It’s so gorgeous!!!   If you haven’t ordered it, but want to – just click on the photo below.   


Leslie is touring around signing books – and she’ll be in Round Top next week – here’s her schedule:

Whew!!!   Happy Reading!!!